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Sunday, October 25, 2009


First NOTD post ever! and I didnt even do it myself hahaha. I tend to spoil my self a little sometimes, and so I got my nails done after offering to just accompany Caby for a mani and Pedi. We went to Get Polished, and the place was so cute and relaxing I couldnt say no. Its the best way to spend your weekend after a busy work week or school week (not that I go to work or school but we all need it once in a while :P ) Plus I had a month old polish on my nails hahaha they were practically gone.

Girly, relaxing and homey feel to the place

Cute Chandelier

I usually get my nails done at cheaper places because well, I figured theyd be the same anywhere else. But it wasnt. First off the lady didnt massacre my toes and fingers! I hardly felt anything I kinda passed out for a bit haha. They always ask you before doing anything unlike in some places where they just assume you want the old lady toe nail cut or they clip the cuticles before you can protest. The spa Mani and Pedi also includes a luxurious Soak, an aromatic Salt Scrub and a Massage (sounds lovely eh? ) They also have a good selection of polishes from OPI, China Glaze and Essie.

Caby showing off her nails

It took a while for me to finally decide on one color. I was going between a light blue and a dark purple hehe. I got the light blue. I know its a popular color but I cant remember what it called! Please help? hehe I know Elianto has a dupe of it.

We also decided to try the Konad stamping kit. They had so many designs it was so hard to choose. I ended up with the leopard? print. Nothing new I know haha Have been doing this since Highschool. But it looked super cute! They didnt have the Black Konad Special Polish so I got the dark blue. No chipping so far! :D

Im sold! I want the base color from China Glaze!

The Konad stamping seemed pretty simple but Im not quite sure I can
replicate the exact same results on myself. LOL

Get Polished has 3 Branches. You may check them out at, or call in for an appointment (we were lucky we didnt have to wait):

195 Aguirre Ave.,
Bf Homes
Paranaque City

Mezzanine, AC Bldg
38 Scout Ybardolaza
Sacred Heart,
Kamuning QC

Unit 104 Loyola Heights Condo,
Abada cor Dela Rosa
Katipunan QC

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Nina said...

Nice! Everytime I pass by BF Pque, I wanna drop in and just get a manicure there!

I believe that polish is For Audrey. I love that color! I custom mixed a polish just to get that color. I posted about it on my blog. ;)

teeyah. said...

I super love GP! :) My nail polish lasts me a month -- no chipping. And it doesn't hurt at all! :) Weeee!

Sush said...

@Nina: oohh yeah I think thats it! Thanks :) Will check it out. I love that is so flattering, I thought i would look like a freak with a light tones polish on hahah but its so pretty!

@Teeyah: Ohh I hope it lasts that long! But im actually quite excited to try another color hahaha :D

Ida said...

rawr really like the print and color that you chose! :D

Elsa said...

looks like you two really had a relaxed time....

cute nail polish BTW...

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

the nail print is soo pretty!!saka yung base niya!it looks kinda similar sa BNC.^_^..ako i stopped going na sa mga salons..kasi na massacre na ang paa ko...ang sakit grabe....go lang kasi sila ng go..sabagay its cheap naman kasi compared sa get polished.^_^

Sush said...

@Ida: Thanks yeah its a lovely color :D

@Elsa: I did! :)

@Shobe: BNC? haha yeah ako rin eh kinda stopped going until the other day when we went to GP hehe

~Lisa said...

Great nails! I still do my nails at home since I think nail salons are a bit overpriced. And I want to learn to expert the Konad stamping kit! WOOT!

Sush said...

Hey Lisa! I would too if I wasnt such a klutz. I dont usually get them done though, some sneaky people mess up with your nails :/ Me too! im so getting one, after christmas lol


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