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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday, I was stuck at home and couldnt leave to run errands. Caby was kind enough to come over and keep me company. Ofcourse she brought her new baby (her traincase) haha. So naturally, you know what we ended up doing haha. We decided to put makeup on each other as always. I had her pick out a face chart from the M.A.C. Halloween Face Charts and I chose what I wanted her to do on my face lol

WHAT I THINK ABOUT FACE CHARTS: They are an inspiration not a translation.
I was joking and told Caby, yeah thats what I say when I cant get the Face Chart right haha.

Anyway here is what she wanted me to do.

And Here are a few pictures of what I did. (Mind you, the face chart called for a white face, just that we were lazy to do the neck hahaha and we did one eye only)

Stolen From Caby's Facebook LOL Thanks!

And here is what I wanted her to do on me:

And here she is at work haha. I taught her how to cover eyebrows. Im pretty sure shes out now buying herself a gluestick hahaha :)

BOO! haha you can check out Caby's blog for more pictures. Didnt get to take much of myself Here is the LINK :D


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Nadine said...

cool! tsktsk very artistic :P

Sush said...

heheh Thanks Nadine! :)

Cabyness said...

How fun!! :)

Sush said...

haha yeah :D yay! thanks!!

Golden said...

Amazing! How did you cover the brows?


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