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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Does fake makeup work?

I have statcounter on my blog. And when it was still a bit new I was fascinated looking at where readers came from, how many people checked out my blog and all those things haha. Theres even that thing where you can check how people find you through google searches. And when my blog was new, it used to come out when you search for fake makeup or fake brushes, fake mac brushes, etc. I put together a list of things to look out for when buying makeup online, how to distinguish if the item youre getting is authentic.

Fake makeup: LINK
Fake brushes: LINK

Another porpular keyword where my blog would show up on searches was "Does fake makeup work?" hehe I had no way of finding out until a couple of days ago, I received a couple of fake M.A.C. eyeshadow. My mom bought them at a flea market haha she didnt think much of it until she read my blog (isnt she sweet? she reads my blog haha :D )and when she finally realized they were fake, she sent them to me HAHA. Anyhoo here they are

No name just numbers, has a bottom compartment with a mirror and a sponge tip applicator, the lip of the pot is much higher than the pan, no bar code = all red flags hehe.

Swatches: Left - one swipe; Right - on top of soft ochre paint pot

Top left: MAC Deept Truth
Bottom Left: Fake mac
Top Right: MAC Amber Lights
Center Right: MAC Gold Mine
Bottome Right: Fake Mac

Some of the shades reminded me of real mac eyeshadows. the blue looks like a lighter version of deep truth, the pink looks a bit like stars n rockets the gold reminded me of goldmine and amberlights. So I swatched them beside each other hehe (didnt have stars n rockets though).

Theyre very pigmented, not chalky at all and has a creamy like texture. So I guess they do work. Colors are nice too. If youve posted something about fake makeup or brushes and ive come across it, ive probably left a comment saying how much I hate them HAHA. But i really do hate them because they mark them as something that its not. I especially hate seeing sellers claiming them to be authentic and selling them as much as the real ones! I mean why not name it something else, if it works, people will buy it.

Ive also come across some fake mac brushes. And though the details are a bit off and sometimes the cuts arent exactly like the real ones. Theyre quite decent. Though im a bit hesitant purchasing some for myself after seeing that video on how China kills foxes for fur. Im pretty sure the animals used for those brushes werent treated any better :/

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Becks said...

eeek on the fox fur! great post though, I've always wondered that too though I've never seen the infamous fake MAC stands hehehe

Sush said...

@Becks: Thank you! :) haha yeah, there a re a lot here in the Philippines but never really wanted to buy any

Khymm said...

wow pigmented sha for a fake e/s ha! =) but obvious talaga na fake kasi may compartment for the applicator same as the fake MAC blushes.. =P

Sush said...

@khymm haha oo nga eh nakakatawa at nakakatuwa yung bottom compartment haha may mirror talaga, pero yeah in fairness pigmented siya


actually ganun naman lahat ng fake eyeshadows. UBER PIGMENTED AS IN. Tapos medyo may pagka- creamy ang texture, parang baxi eyeshadows. kaso ang hirap tanggalin ng mga ito. i'm suspecting sangkatutak na lead ang meron ito. :p

Sush said...

yeeekkkk yeah this one naman not so hard to remove but thats whats scary about the fake ones. Although im pretty sure, almost all makeup that comes from china are basically made the same way :/


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