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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Shoot and Dinner

The weekend was crazy with all the sale and bazaars that was happening everywhere. I was glad I kept clear from malls or else my poor poor wallet will be poorer haha. I had a great weekend though, headed to Tagaytay with friends on Saturday to have dinner and coffee. It was nice and cold!! I ended up playing with my friends kid the whole night. It was fun! We should do this again soon :)

Sunday, I had a chance to help out a friend with his Video. Its a video that he's entering a contest. I put on makeup on the lead actress and the male actor. I had so much fun! The shoot was light and super non stressful! They wanted an eccentric nerdy pretty girl and I think we got what he wanted. The styling (which was done by a friend) was awesome, and as for the makeup they just wanted clear looking skin, natural makeup no shine. I honestly am not a big fan of very minimal makeup. So I did the eyes as well haha. I just used the e.lf. smokey browns quad and it turned out really pretty.

It was so hot yesterday and the lead actress had to run across over and over again. So I had to repowder over and over to make sure her makeup wasnt slipping and to keep shine at bay. I was using my RCMA invisible setting powder and it is a life saver! No clumping at all! I probably applied it more than 10 times, I applied it a lot! The makeup was kept seamless, kept the makeup from slipping, kept the face free from shine. I love it! Well I always have, this just gives me another reason to love it more.

My baby traveling hehe

Cant wait to see how it comes out! Will post the link to the video once its up and more pictures to follow as well :) This was so much fun! Hope all of you had a great weekend too!

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glimmeringmetal said...

awwwwwwwww what a cute train case! I bet it was fun doing makeup on others :p


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

eeeehhhhh..sis new traincase diba black yung nasa last posts mo?i am looking for a traincase kasi san m nabuy?looks like you enjoyed the shoot...ako din gusto may makeupan heheh

Sush said...

@Cathy: Thank you! yeah it was, it was especially interesting doing makeup on a guy hahaha

@Shobe: Ohh nope this is the only one I posted (its my frist anyway hehe) Got it as a gift from my mom, but its from Sephora =) I know they also have traincases at quiapo, havent personally checked but Caby got hers there nice din. Yes I did! hehe lalo na for a purpose haha hindi yung wala lang =) thanks for commenting!

Kay said...

Maui.. I got the RCMA invisible powder and used it last night (actually i still have it on right now coz i'm still at work) and i'm in love.. :)

doesn't alter the color of my foundie, no whitish cast, less oil mine and my MU lasted.. and u're absolutely right, it doesn't cake.. i love it..

super thanks for this, girl!


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