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Monday, October 12, 2009

Boring Monday

Ive been cutting down on expenses (hah!) so I decided to stay at home today. Caby came over and we basically spent two to three hours just lounging on the bed. But we have something exciting coming up hehehe =)

Was thinking of what to post, then I got bored so I decided to put makeup on (For years, this is what I normally do whenever I get bored). Was going to join a contest, but my hands automatically grabbed my go to colors (so much for the contest). When im in a hurry I go for neutral eyes with mostly just brown and gold. I know ya'll havent seen me look normal haha what with tiger makeup, Shiva makeup and all those Halloween makeup. So to switch things up here is my go to look..

What I used:

Cinema Secrets Color Corrector kit #2
RCMA Shinto 2 and 3
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
Rimmel Blush in Peach
MAC Sculpt and Shape in Lightsweep and Shadester
UDPP and MAC Charcoal Brown for eyebrows

Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
MAC Vex, Haux, Embark, Charcoal Brown, Carbon and Gorgeous Gold
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara
Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler (I swear this curler is awesome! :D )

Can I just add, my skin is looking so so much brighter and better. Cinema Secrets Concealer + RCMA fdtn + RCMA setting powder = really good skin on photograph. But its so much better now that my skin looks and feels much clearer. And besides, we all know that good skin makes makeup so much better! I didnt really have acne problems but I do breakout once in a while and my forehead always had little bumps. Ive been on Tretinoin for 2 months and the persistent little bumps on my forehead are gone, my skin looks clearer, its smoother

After about a month, my hair still looks odd to me hehe. I love it though =)

This is what it looks like if I let it dry on its own

And just as I was about to remove everything my friend texts. Wee! Im going out. Hope all of you had a great Monday! :)

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// krissy ♥ said...

I love your hair! You're so pretty :)

teeyah. said...

You look lovely, Maui. Fierce but lovely :)

*Nehs* said...

very pretty makeup, and u look hot w/ur hair!

♥ mia said...

u look great dear ;) luv d eye makeup!

Soapaholic said...

I love your hair, it brings attention to your eyes and frames your face in such a nice way.:)

I have an odd request. I read in your description that you're a pescetarian? Can you do a post on like what you typically eat in a day?:)

nurseonduty said...

i love your make up and your hair..sooo pretty ^_^

Cabyness said...

Ice Cream tomorrow! :( text me when the goodies have arrived :)

face splash makeup said...

I love your hair it looks fabulous! I love short hair!! I have been back in forth as to if I should cut mine.lol

I love your natural look..During the week I also stick to just neutral colors!!

Anonymous said...

love the make-up and your hair looks fantastic!
suits ya so so well


Kay said...

love the pixie hair dear! so modelesque.. :)

can u tell me where i can get the RCMA setting powder? i've been looking for an invisible setting powder everywhere.. the closest one i found is Shu's.. i saw some awesome reviews of RCMA in youtube.. i thought i should try it..

abby said...

i stumbled on to your site and i love neutrals.. those are like my go to colors too. i also love the little sparkle of gold in the inner corner. i love the short hair on you. overall its a very pretty simple look :) ill be stoppin by more i like your blog

23 Crystals said...

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kikayfetz said...

great job as usual maui!

Sush said...

waking up to wonderful comments is awesome. Thanks ladies! :)

@krissy: thanks dear! :D

@Teeyah: thank you!

@Nehs: thanks!

@Mia: thanks! Might be seeing you this week haha yay

@Soapaholic: aww thank you! im really a bad example haha im one of the "fat pescetarians" I eat so much junk so might not be good to post what I eat haha i'll leave you a msg at your blog though :)

@Yvonne: thank you

@facesplashmakeup: thank you! I thought about cutting my hair this short for over a year. had almost waist long hair so it was scary hehe

@Blababoutbeauty: thanks so much!

@kay: Thank you! ill leave you a message at your blog hehe

@abby: aww thank you! :) I mostly use neautrals as well, just sometimes when I get bored I want crazy yellows and blues hehe

@23crystals: no prob

@Kikayfetz: thank you thank you!!

Megann Monday said...

love the neutrals! fantastic make-up :) wish i was as good as you with make-up. haha

Sush said...

@Megann: aww thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, you look absolutely GORGEOUS!
Hair, glowy skin, glossy lips and awesome eye makeup, flawless!

Elsa said...

love the look sis.... and the hair too!

wish i could have soft, thin hair too so i could sport that look!

charchar said...

so simple. but pretty! i love this!

Sush said...

@Su-pah: aww thank you dear! :D

@Elsa: thank you! :) Yeah I guess thinner hair is better for this kind of haircut. I would rather have crazy thick curl hair though hahaha

@Charchar: thank you! :D

xeends said...

never thought that short hair will gonna look good on u..i like it a lot! soo fierce..=D

Sush said...

thank you Cindy! hehe


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